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Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription is the process of converting the spoken word into text format. There are several methods of audio recording and transcription. Interviews, lectures, press meets, seminars etc can be transcribed for record keeping. Shorthand is no longer needed as the audio can be played back and forth and accurately transcribed. Speech recognition software further increased the speed of transcription.

Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription can be defined as the conversion of the spoken or recorded speech in a court proceeding, interrogation, trial dialogue etc. into text format. It is a valuable aid for attorneys or paralegals. Online legal transcription services has greatly increased the speed and accuracy of the process.They cater to federal agencies, private law firms, courts, and more.

Interview transcription Services

Interview transcription is the conversion of the audio format of an interview into a written format. Interviews related to business, research, political leaders, sports persons, legal cases, celebrities, can be transcribed for reviewing. A transcript can be reviewed easily than playing a tape over and over again. Even the hearing impaired can refer to the interview transcript to keep track of the events.

Video Transcription Services

Video transcription is the process of converting the spoken words in a video to text format. When posting a video on YouTube, uploading the transcript along with it will give it more visibility. This gives Google all the information contained in the video. So when someone looks up for some content mentioned in the video, the video would get displayed automatically.

Voice transcription Services

Voice transcription is the process of writing out a voice mail. It comprises of transcription of voice mail, voice recognition, and digital voice recorder. A transcript would be easier to refer to than going over the voice mails repeatedly. Its quality would vary based on the clarity of the caller, his language, accent, and the disturbances in the background.

Digital Transcription Services

Digital transcription is the manner of converting a digital audio file into text format. The file is then transferred via email; hence the turnaround time is fast. It is easier to refer to. The back up and retrieval process would be much simpler compared to an analog audio file. Corrections can be made easily and the task can be split up.

Business transcription Services

Any business would have a lot of sensitive information shared during conferences, presentations, teleconferences, investor meetings, and the like. Business transcription is the way of converting the audio or video of these meetings in the text form. It is cost effective, helps in record keeping. These would avert any kind of malpractice and would serve as evidence in any kind of dispute.

Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim Transcription is the process of writing out every word and sound, including the pauses, the laughter, etc as it is spoken with no corrections. It would be useful for detail oriented requirements like research, movie scripts, surveys, etc. Intelligent Verbatim is the same but edited version, which would have only the main matter. This would benefit bloggers, writers, and scribes.

Academic Transcription Services

An academic transcript is the official written record of all the information of a student. This would be done during his course of study in the institution. It would have every detail like student’s date of enrolment, the courses he pursued, the scholarships he won, the activities he was a part of, the certificates or awards won, and his final grades.

Transcription Company

Transcription Company plays an important role in converting the verbal communication, including both live and recorded, into a written or electronic text format. Many a time, in situations like court hearings, physician recorded voice notes, etc would needs a written document for reference and for maintaining records. A transcription company’s service also extends to reducing lengthy transcription to a shorter form.

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