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Where can I find a real-time transcription service?

We are among the main interview transcription providers in The United States. We service clients of diverse areas from Newyork, Massachusetts, Florida, Texas, D.C., Newjersey, Kansas etc.At Transcriptionstar, we provide inexpensive rates, speedy turnaround times and extraordinary customer service to remarkably precise interview transcriptions. You’re able to submit your interview saving in virtually any format; digital (MP3 etc) or non-digital (VHS cassettes etc.) and we shall have the correct option for you. Our USA practices offering appointment transcription solutions are situated in California. We are one of many primary meeting transcription companies in United States. We service customers of unique areas from Nyc, Boston, Florida, Texas, D.C., New Jersey, Iowa etc.At transcriptionstar, we spend which means you don’t have to invest any time enhancing your interview transcript, a great deal of effort and time training our team. Our extensively trained and highly-qualified staffs have in controlling various kinds of interview transcription tremendous expertise. This means that the appointment recordings are transcribed into text.At that is appropriate transcriptionstar, we recognize and honor privacy’s importance on your interviews. Manya instances, information falls during data transfer. We’ve removed this giving you the option of directly publishing your audio tracks on to our secure file-server.NOTE: Transcripts obtained by FIU get to be the home of FIU and certainly will not be delivered towards the candidate or submitted to every other establishment. Please don’t deliver your unique transcript/degree to us if no additional backup exists.Important notice: you have to additionally publish the official interpretation of one’s transcript If your transcripts aren’t in Language. Established critiques should be delivered straight in the analysis support with one exemption to FIU: FIU for entrance will evaluates oriental transcripts from Tianjin University of Business in Hospitality Management plan towards the Bachelor of Technology.