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Where can I find the Best Transcription Company?

We are a model Transcription Services Company and provide quality services to clients. We transcribe video content and other audio recordings.

Here at The I Test, we take responsibility for what we do. We know how important these videos and audio recordings are to you and take extra efforts to understand your requirements. We provide a 5-minute trial for first-time customers who may want to test our capabilities.

Transcription Services

Are you a student or a University professor? Are you going to do presentations for an audience? Do you belong to any legal firm?

We provide Interview Transcription, Video Transcription, Voice Transcription Services, Voicemail Transcription, MP3 Transcription, Audio File Transcription, Video to Text Transcription, and Legal Transcription.

We take single and bulk jobs from clients. A task is never too small for us.

For customer care, we have 24/7 services and a call back option. We also have toll free numbers for clients from US, UK, and Australia.

Our special features

Our rates are as low as $0.75 per minute. We offer 50+ language transcription services. Ever wondered how much it would cost for a transcribing job? Get a FREE quote here.

We also have a super policy for clients – 100% money back guarantee.

For other questions about the company and our services, you can check out the FAQs, just click here or call us, we work 24/7.