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Cost effective Transcription services at a genuine flat rate $0.99/min. Educated transcribers, prompt delivery, and 98% accurate services.

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Audio Transcription Flat Rate $0.99/min

The I Test is a transcription company par excellence providing Audio Transcription, Legal Transcription, Video Transcription and more at affordable rates. In our Audio Transcription service, all spoken words in the audio are converted word by word into a text format.

Legal Transcription

With multilingual geographies and globalization, it is imperative for a business to record the entire audios especially in Legal agreements and transactions. With our Legal Transcription services, we are giving a word to word exact transcription services.

Hereafter, you can count on our Legal transcription services involving all legal related audios such as hearings, contracts, agreements, briefs, and more. We help you to transcribe your live and offline interviews.

All our transcribers are experienced and have the expertise in giving the best interview transcription services. Our experts are from diverse backgrounds and spread across all professions such as legal, Finance, manufacturing, and more.

Video Transcription

Video transcription converts the audio portion in your video into text format. Make your videos more visible with our video transcription service.

It is not possible to search for a video online as a search engine cannot find it unless it is in text format. Our video transcribers will transcribe all the audio part available in your videos clearly and it will be easy for a search engine to pick up the videos. Call us on our toll free number 1-888-535-5668 for more information.

Voice Transcription

Voice Transcription is a time saver as it converts all your voice mails into emails making it easily accessible. There will be no worry of missing any important call. Our voice transcription service will convert your voice mails directly into a text format.

You can connect us directly for availing our online transcription services. All your live audios will be transcribed immediately with our digital transcription services. Digital transcription will act as a virtual assistant for all your dictations.

In many businesses, the deals are done over a phone call or through audio chats. With our business transcription, you can record your dealings as written transcriptions and get it confirmed by all the parties concerned. Verbatim transcription gives you a word by word conversion; it makes it available for all.

Academic transcription will be a very effective aid for students. It will be a master document for reference. Our team has a lot of subject matter experts from all fields; they can understand the subject in a lecture and transcribe it accurately for the student to understand and for future reference.

You can confidently avail our services as we provide ISO grade services with 98% accuracy . Upload your videos to get a free quote.